Independents making their own way, trying to compete and change the world we live in for the better. The non-conformist getting an edge by doing things their own way. If that sounds familiar; you’re either a member of The Difference Collective or work at a healthcare start-up. 

Suffice to say, everyone at The Difference Collective feels a particular affinity with healthcare start-ups. They’re nurturing ideas that’ll change lives; change healthcare; change the world. Our goal is more modest but totally complimentary; to change communications for the better. The Difference Collective is built with start-ups in mind. We focus on delivery, not processes, so our start-up clients move quickly and decisively, gaining and keeping a crucial advantage over the competition.

Whatever stage of start-up, The Difference Collective can help:

  • Pitching for investment or support, let us hone the strategy and messages to get audiences onside
  • Seeking a brand to visualise your vision, let our proven creative help your start-up stand-out
  • Scaling up or showcasing data, trust our communications professionals to get you the awareness and credibility you need

From first investment to final acquisition, let us work together to turn an idea into innovation.

For more information and to receive our start-up credentials, please get in touch.

About the Author

Stuart Mayell, Head of the Creative Difference, is a highly adaptable facilitator of ideation, strategy, messaging and crisis workshops. With a passion for supporting health start-ups, Stuart has re-vamped the positioning and visual identities of countless brands, including the high-tech chip designer ARM, the data science giant IQVIA (previously Quintiles IMS) and wellness start-up Live Well London.

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