We’ve identified a phenomenon among our healthcare and pharma clients. We’re calling it “surging”. It affects growing and changing businesses, high performing comms teams and successful organisations in large and competitive markets.

However strategically and effectively they plan resources and workload, there’s always unexpected demand. In their lean and efficient teams, everyone is fully utilised doing crucial work. But then a new requirement emerges from elsewhere in the business, organisational change creates different priorities, a key project turns out to be more time-consuming or complex than planned, or unexpectedly calls for knowledge and experience that’s not available right at that moment.

Sounds familiar? Unpredictable surges in demand for resource happen all the time, even in the best managed and supported teams. They can have a big impact on the team’s well-being and work-life balance as well as on delivery of outputs.

Your agency team might have someone available, but you don’t get much choice – the person who’s free to step in may not have the specific expertise you need. A top-notch freelance consultant is what you need. If you happen to know the right person and they happen to be available, that’s ideal. But in our specialist industry, it’s not always easy to summon up the right skillset and experience from your direct contact book.

Getting surge support is tricky because it’s often an unforeseen requirement – there’s little opportunity to plan for it. It can be for a high priority or high profile project or task. That means you need a fast response and you need high calibre support from a confident specialist who can hit the ground running. It might be a short-term requirement or a longer-term need that could include skills transfer and leadership.


How The Difference Collective can help 
It seems that The Difference Collective fits this niche perfectly. In the last year, clients have come to us in desperation, having exhausted all their traditional options. Among our 80+ hand-picked, pre-vetted members, they find the specialist knowledge, seniority, experience, gravitas, track record and energy they need to meet the surge head on – and fast. Our flexible model delivers quality resources on tap, without commitment. Turn it on, off, up or down as your needs change.
Recently we’ve provided surge support for exacting clients including Boehringer Ingelheim, AstraZeneca, Roche, Amgen, Janssen, 2020 Delivery and Santen. It’s brilliant to know that our agile, virtual, specialist model is supplying what more and more clients need in today’s fast-changing, demanding pharma and healthcare markets. So if you feel the surge… please get in touch!

About the author

Angie, Founder, has worked in healthcare communications for nearly 30 years, ultimately building one of the most successful UK healthcare consultancies. Throughout her career, she has constantly looked to do things differently and make a difference to the healthcare communications industry.

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