Author and spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle once said: “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” Whilst his work focuses on helping individuals find inner peace, his quote has many parallels within the working environment. Truly successful organisations recognise the benefit of engaging their employees and enjoy the positive impact it has on their bottom line. The Difference Collective has launched its Internal Engagement practice to assist healthcare companies deliver the best from within by bringing employees together and acting as one voice.

Made up of almost 60 senior healthcare communicators, The Difference Collective has an unrivalled level of experience, capability, bandwidth, and appetite. Within our Internal Engagement practice, we have members who have built successful careers managing internal engagement and change management programmes both within big pharma and healthcare agencies. We know the challenges you’ll be facing and want to use our experience to help you.

Years ago, I recall the Head of Internal Engagement of a life sciences company telling me of their dilemma. She had a driven CEO who wanted to deliver an ambitious strategy but who had failed to recognise the importance of engaging with his employees; the very people who were there to execute his strategy. He had sent an ‘All Staff’ email explaining the need for everyone to come together and drive the business forward, but it had fallen on deaf ears.  An internal email is a start, but it will only get you so far. 

We know that employees need to feel valued, respected and heard before being asked to change their behaviour. Had that CEO used his Head of Internal Engagement to develop a strategic communications plan that focused on entering a two-way conversation with his employees, rather than operating in a vacuum I know the outcome would have been very different.

It’s experiences like these, and plenty others, that The Difference Collective can draw upon to help you. Whether you are going through a period of significant change or are looking for some support with “business as usual”, we are here to help. We are delighted to be launching our internal engagement practice and look forward to hearing where we can help your internal engagement make a real difference for you.

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About the Author

Alex Harrison is a healthcare communications specialist with over 15 years’ experience having worked at GSK, Brunswick and The Brain Tumour Charity. She has developed and delivered successful communication, corporate responsibility and employee engagement strategies, and has a proven track record of providing communications advice to all levels of senior management. Alex heads up our Internal Engagement Specialist Group.

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