What’s The Difference?

Your ‘talent kitemark’

We bring together exceptional, dedicated healthcare people to work efficiently, collaboratively, virtually and with total focus on your project. It’s an approach that’s proved exceptionally effective for our clients, delivering great results and value.

We’re the first people to wrap our arms around senior healthcare experts who aren’t easy to access directly, bringing you their insight, integrity, curiosity and formidable reputations and track record, individually or in purpose-built teams.

The Difference Collective is your talent kitemark, assuring the calibre of everyone you work with. Put simply, we connect you with the best.

The Difference in practice


Budgets go further without overheads

Our model cuts out bureaucracy. There are no hidden costs, no account and operations teams to subsidise, no management layers to fund. By working virtually, we’ve cut out typical agency overheads.

Senior industry talent

We assess our Collective members individually and enrol them by invitation only. They’re experienced, senior specialists with a passion for healthcare who are available when you want them, to work on your project with total commitment.


Quality, not quantity! We do away with cumbersome agency processes and lengthy proposal discussions to focus on content and outcomes. We produce a summary of your brief and a matching proposal with specified costs and timescales.


A team that fits and flexes

There are no end to the possibilities, when you have the right team at the right time. We take a thorough brief from you, connect the best people and skills for the different elements of the job and get straight to work. You get only what you need, when you need it, rather than paying for a full time generalist team. It’s a truly nimble approach in an age of agility.


Truly collaborative

Collective members slot effortlessly and productively into established or new teams in clients or agencies. We enjoy working differently, adopting your culture and approach.

We support and collaborate; we don’t compete. What we do complements what traditional agencies do. We’re never going to be up against you for retained work. In fact, we can help you pitch and win new clients and chip in any time you need extra resource to support your clients.



An expensive pitch process doesn’t make sense for one-off and smaller sized projects, so the best traditional agencies and their people may rule themselves out. We want those projects and we want to deliver results for you quickly and effectively by setting our top industry talent setting to work on your brief fast.

Team lead

If you’re working with a Collective team, you’ll have one project leader to liaise with easily and directly. They’ll co-ordinate a bespoke team of specialists behind them.


Efficient virtual infrastructure

You can count on our reliability and confidentiality, because we have strong IT support and shared, secure technology resources that make online communication, data sharing and document storage easy and safe.

Up-to-date knowledge

You get the benefit of our diverse Collective awareness and expertise. We keep ourselves up to date collaboratively on the latest trends, regulations and insights through our central online forum, as well as organising regular training for our Collective members.

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