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Over 95 senior independent consultants led by an industry-leading healthcare communications expert


In The Difference Collective, our founder Angie Wiles can marshal the best healthcare communication specialists to work on your brief. How? Because she has worked in healthcare communications for nearly 30 years, ultimately building one of the most successful UK healthcare consultancies.

Her industry and campaign insight and reputation, leadership and management experience and formidable professional network put her in a unique position to understand client needs and spot the talented people best placed to fulfil them.

Angie has always looked to do things differently and her work has made a demonstrable Difference to the healthcare communications industry, in senior roles for Edelman Healthcare and Burson-Marsteller, in building a healthcare team at Cohn and Wolfe and leading the Healthcare Communications Association.

In 2004 she co-founded Virgo Health – a global healthcare communications and medical education agency. During her twelve years as joint CEO, Angie was instrumental in its growth to a global stage and award-winning success, including being named European Healthcare Communications Consultancy by the Holmes Report’s SABRE Awards in 2013 and 2015.

Who makes The Difference?

We’re a network of ambitious, committed, independent colleagues with proven track records of healthcare communications success and a passion for the sector. Our Collective members join by invitation – we approach people we rate and people we hear good things about, or who are recommended to us.

Before anyone joins, we interview them and get to know them and what they can do. Our team is built on shared values as well as excellent skills: our people need to be experienced, confident, level-headed, determined and resilient as well as energetic, curious and creative. Because they’re actively choosing to take on your brief rather than being allocated to it, we can guarantee their dedication and singlemindedness to achieve your goals.

We nominate a team leader for direct liaison. We openly share proposed team members’ credentials and experience with clients, so you can confirm the calibre of people you’ll be working with and what they’ve achieved.

Meet some of our members

Angie Wiles
Katy Sparks
Vicki Harper
Charlotte Messer
Dan Dufour
Jo Williams
Julie Saunders
Candida Halton
Alex Harrison
Reena Bajwa
Charlie Hobson
James Staples
Lisa Harper
Elspeth Massey
Jo Willey
Liz Adams
Maria Potter
Stuart Mayell
Linda Rose
Harpreet Dhillon

Our values


Quality, not quantity

We only pick the best, proven talent, so our clients have the most effective, senior, experienced communications support – always.


Collective by nature

We work with people, not for them – there are no employees here. We connect you with the best people, to join and form teams that collaborate to achieve specific goals.

Collaboration, not competition

We know how hard it is to succeed in communications. Our model complements traditional agency and freelancer roles and helps everyone achieve more for clients.


Experienced and enquiring

We keep our skills sharp and our motivation high with constant curiosity and a desire to go beyond the comfortable, working with healthcare clients of all kinds on a range of challenges and tasks.

Work Differently

We do what works for you and for us to create win-win flexibility. No retainers. Optimal efficiency. No end to the possibilities when you have the right team at the right time, working virtually or on-site, as teams or individuals, with your people or other people…  continually adapting to meet your needs.

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