TODAY, as the art of storytelling is being celebrated for World Storytelling Day, I can’t help but think where we would be without stories?

They are such an integral part of what it means to be human and how we communicate with those around us.

They entertain us, connect us, amuse us, make us cry, provide us with information, tell us things we didn’t know.

We all have a story to tell at our very core, both individually and corporately, and it is those stories which make us “different”, help us stand out from the crowd and lift us so we’re talking above the noise.

In this digital era of selfies and the navel-gazing nature of social media, you could be forgiven for thinking that storytelling is on the way to being lost forever.

So, I take heart that storytelling is continuing to be celebrated every year.
With our lives increasingly technologically-led, I believe the art of storytelling, and the need to strip things back to the story that lies beneath, is arguably now more important than ever before.

As a journalist of more than two decades and a communications specialist, my life revolves around telling – and helping clients to tell – hard-hitting, compelling, interesting and engaging stories.


The simplicity of the story

Here at The Difference Collective, simple storytelling is at the heart of everything we do.

My role as Collective Media Maestro is to ensure that our clients are empowered and enabled to tell their best possible story in the most effective way.

Without helping our clients understand what their “differentiating” story is and guiding them to tell it in the most effective way, the rest of their communications can struggle.

Whatever their need, whether it be branding, creative, media relations, product launches or internal communications, we understand that their messaging –their “story” – needs to be simple and clear.

With more than 70 senior consultants now in The Collective, we have hundreds of years of communications experience between us.

That is a vast wealth of expertise that we help our clients tap in to.

Many of our successes for clients have come from finding a very compelling yet simple narrative, working back to that original story before moving forwards with a clear goal, solid message and sharp focus.


Learning from the best – in a Different way

And this is where our brilliant new training packages come in.
Because we put storytelling at the heart of our work, you can learn from the best how to do the same.

Every element of media training comes back in some way to telling a story: press release writing, spokesperson training, pitching, selling-in.

We really care about the story you want to tell and we want to help you tell it properly.

When it comes to ensuring your skills stay at the top of their game – as well as those of your team or your clients – our training will give you something with a real “difference” to the norm.

What better than to have a frontline storyteller to help you hone your story for whatever purpose that may be?

You’ll be trained by some of the most experienced healthcare journalists and comms specialists in the country.

You will be trained from both the journalist and the PR perspective – with a healthy dose of confidence coaching added in to the mix.

Our unique perspective of the entire comms spectrum means we can help develop a story that can be adapted throughout your work, for example in digital, corporate and marketing.

Harnessing the depth and breadth of Collective experience means we can ensure our training will help you understand how to weave together all the comms elements to drive every story with a clear purpose and consistency to create impact.

We are already helping clients be the best they can be. Come and work with us – we’re ready to help you tell your story ‘Differently’.

Find out more about our training packages by downloading our training credentials.

About the author

Jo has been a journalist for almost 20 years, working across a range of national newspapers from the Daily Mail to The Sun. She is now a highly sought after communications specialist offering media strategy and content development expertise as well as media training both for in-house teams and spokespeople and is an expert facilitator for advisory boards and meetings. She also still works as a freelance journalist writing for titles including the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, The Times and The Sun.

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