Specialist Partners

There are some communications activities that demand the skills of highly specialised experts. We’ve found the best of the best to help us when we need these niche services to support our healthcare communications projects.

RAliance Communications, is a US-based virtual healthcare communications agency led by Reba Auslander, who has more than 25 years PR and integrated communications experience in North America and globally.
Anatomy Health is a patient information and support specialist. We help healthcare organisations write and design simpler and more effective communication. We do it using the evidence on what works.
ARK is a data-driven creative agency. The Ark team designs, develops and delivers measurable experiences by focussing on two things: your customers and your message. 

Now Go Create is a crack team of creative training and leadership experts with world-class credentials in the fields of creative leadership, brainstorm and creative training, coaching, creative thinking and brainstorm facilitation.

 Day For Night Films offers film making and direction for campaigns and promotions. The team is led by Daniel Mitelpunkt, an award winning filmmaker and a filmed content consultant.

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