Healthcare Communications
for corporate and agency clients

With our virtual and collaborative approach, we offer our corporate and agency clients a range of healthcare communications and content services in a different way that’s faster, more effective and more flexible.

You get the right people and skills from a single source. Hire us in a team purpose-built for a specific job or as individuals to fill in your project resource gaps.

How can you work with us?

There are three main ways in which our corporate and agency clients can work with us. Regardless of which best meets your needs, our Talent Kitemark provides quality assurance, both in terms of the team you choose to work on your business and the final outputs.

1. Project work

We connect you, with the best people. Whatever the size or complexity of your healthcare communications project, we have the senior, experienced talent to deliver every element of it, in exactly the measure and timescale you need. We assemble a purpose-built team who work remotely headed up by a project lead – or assign an individual most suited to the brief. And of course, we’ll collaborate with your people and in your teams, so you can make best use of all your resources.

You might find one of our 15 core skills packages a useful point of reference and an effective way of mobilising senior support at a moment’s notice.

Most projects are multi-faceted, of course, and so require a combination of several packages, but with a trusted Project Lead you have a single point of contact and peace of mind that whatever you receive at whatever stage of the process will be accurate and on strategy.

Delivering The Difference

Find full details of our project work credentials and what each of our 15 core skills packages cover in our online brochures…

2. Training and consultancy

We offer a range of premium training and consultancy packages run by experts for companies who want to work smart and stay ahead of the game. We seek to understand your specific challenges and needs, so a genuine expert in the field can draw on years of experience at the front-line to create relevant, interactive and engaging content that imparts immediately deployable skills.

Our training packages include:

  • The Connector – demystifying social media
  • The Orator – writing and delivering presentations that pack a punch
  • The Scribe – unleashing the power of the written word through first-class copywriting
  • The Amplifier – how to think, feel and act like a journalist to achieve your dream coverage

Our consultancy packages include:

  • The Brain Gain – helping you supercharge your strategy
  • The Facilitator – bringing structure and purpose to the unruly art of collaboration
  • The Consultant – mentor, advisor, short-term consultant, sounding board
  • The Visionary – clever creativity
  • The Coach – helping you spin those plates with courage and conviction

Supercharge your expertise

Find out more about our training and consulting offers in our online brochure…

3. In-house placements

Where longer-term support in-house is needed we can provide a short-list of suitable candidates so you can be sure you are getting the right ‘fit’.

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