Flexible hours. Virtual agency. Working differently. All very nice, but is there a benefit for commercially-driven healthcare companies and the consultancies that support them?

Freedom to deliver the best. The Difference Collective exists to unleash people’s full potential because doing so creates better results for our clients.

The brightest and best people are rarely fulfilled by more of the same. Perhaps that’s why it’s said that agency is a young person’s game. As we mature, we’ve seen much and seek more. None more so than those in creative industries where curiosity is a constant companion: What’s next? What else? What more? Why?

Not for no reason do LinkedIn, Microsoft and Apply offer its people time to spend on passion projects.

All this is great for an individual seeking more from life, but for agency or comms team leads, brain-drain is a headache. Good, talented people are being lost: sometimes permanently.

Much can be done to staunch the flow, but we can’t continue to deliver awe-inspiring, creative work if we prioritise process over people with rigid ways of working.

At The Difference Collective, we give clients the best ideas and work. We provide the best resource for an industry seeking talented, liberated and inspired communicators. We bring together the best people to create a sense of community, collaboration and mutual benefit.

That’s why The Difference Collective is connecting you with the best.

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